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Feeling a little
Massaging knots in my mind
Waking some passion...

Rise up above them,
Provoke their passionate rage,
Broaden a mind's eye.

To end as the day,
You must become every day,
Sunrise to sunset.


Shed yesterday's skin
Rinsed down a whirlpool's throat
Naked now begins


Into grey Chaos
One step closer to that world


Radio silence,
Crackling white emptiness,
Waiting for peace-time.

Drill my eyes in you,
Settle on projected soul,
Unfold your likeness.

Followed lines of grief,
Mountains I've climbed to touch you,
Rivers down the sides.

Clenched the clouds softly,
Screamed my silent prayer to you,
Grasping at something.


Know the things I know
Feel the world as I have
Show me your world


Tempest arousals,
Binding the mind and body,
Pent up for one mate.

My disappointment,
For that which I chose to do
I apologize.


Sadness weeps the mind,
Pained with unchanging error,
Banished from comfort.

Some things never change,
Some never return to life,
Lost to time's arrow.

Single candle bright,
Blanketed in shear darkness,
Waiting for daylight.


Friends of confidence,
Sharing in tempest dreamscapes,
Bound by our freedom.


Cross these barriers,
Walk the binary nexus,
Be the telepath.

Ask of the system,
How we might be giants,
Then pursue purpose.


Gentle caressings,
Stroke a warm heart's steady beat,
Resting loneliness.


Rocked in the branches of stretched time,
Cradled in the arms of infinite space,
Caressed by the light of a thousand suns,
Waiting for darkness to swallow my race.

The long fall downwards,
Into singular oblivion,
Watching the shift...
Waiting for event's horizon.


Capture a moment,
Let it slide from your wet lips,
Land it on coarse skin.

Savour sweet nothing,
Released through warm, moist currents,
Stroked into your ear.

Pierce violent wrath,
Deep from your heart's tenderness,
Shadows cast aside.

Taste bitter almond,
See deadly night's shade,
Release silvered blade.

Remember your past,
Observe your action present,
Drive future perfect.


End of the line drawn,
In hour glass silicon,
Edgewise by design.

Bring on the crying,
Pains of a thousand minds watch,
Agony unfold.


Darkness in my heart,
Night of painful tears cry down,
Out with the sorrow!

Release the fission,
Indifferent atom fury
Engulf the dreamer.

Chameleon skins,
Hide one dragon face beneath,
Empty, void, crystal.

Resonant shatter,
Shards to pierce the past,
Surgery of soul.


Delicate tendriles,
Licking at my tender thoughts,
Loosening my mind.

Contours traced alone,
Mirror dreams of past union,
Flesh fusion unbound.

Words strung together,
Hung full read from tender lips,
Thrushed on my eardrums.

Be biologic,
Meld with machine intellect,
Build future perfect.

Of whispered dreams gently nudging,
Nurturing hope from empty shells,
Feeding back passions of the mind,
Bring dreams to reality.

A quest,
Your question,
Conundrums in our lives,

An action,
Our answers,
Revealing their disguise.


Social Lubricant,
Prepares the writs of passage,
Discourse intercourse.

Exotic mindscapes,
Contours curved around grey matter,
Triggering impulse.


Nuits de feux colaires,
Briser sur les rives de glace,
Glissant autour de ma coeur.

Larmes fraiche d'emotions,
Surface de roche immobile,
Tristesse infinit.


Alone in the dark,
Waiting moons reflecting sun,
Pulling sorrow tides.

Drifting dance the mind,
Electric fingers tap off,
Rhythms of machines.


Ravish my mind's I,
Blind our lids of deception,
Define extreme sense.

Farenheit fever,
Tucked beneath delusion skins,
Burning paper mind.

Cold snows of England,
Who knows when they'll be coming,
Pale, wet blankets.

Binary footprints,
Stones of a path less traveled,
Spaghetti code weeds.


Tigress of my night,
Unfurl your claws gently,
Draw pleasure with pain.

Angela tender,
Merging our hearts together,
Keep our souls closer.

Leather-bound godling,
Struts dark streets of ecstacy,
Burning pleasure torch.

Focused on exposed skin,
Aroused trigger pheremones,
Chemical pleasure.

Danced eyes across yours,
Hooked on ropes of desire,
Puppet strings in hand.

Purest pleasure caught,
Wrapped in sensual webbing,
Thrust into our minds.

Natural instincts,
Teased by imagination,
Maelstrom biddings.

Cache de notre choeur,
Tristesse sauvage brise la nuit,
Prologue à synthèse.


Gazing into eyes,
Glance away, then back again,
Souls looking outwards.

Hook-latched beams of life,
Crystals reeling together,
Intensity primed.

Alone in darkness,
Reaching for comfort,
Contact collision.

Society layers,
Peel back to nature found,
Pheromone exposed.

Thrall of a kindness,
Origami flames and fears,
Rising folds above.

Penetrate gently,
Elastic bonds stretched tightly,
Thick length of pleasure.

Warmth of inner thigh,
Hot pelvis pressed against bone,
Molten moist passion.

Steady tidal rise,
Waves of ecstacy lapping,
Glistening moonlight.

Cyclic driven sounds,
Wild rythmic instinct thrusts,
Baser drives the pair.

Twin peaks rise as one,
Dams bursting ravaged boundaries,
Drained to lower shores.

Released of tension,
Wet cooling embrace closer,
Heart beats' finished race.

Soft brush finger tips,
Caress facial contour lines,
Drifting shivers down..

Taste firm lips pressed,
Arms wrapped around; legs entwined,
Restful sleep descends.

Hung by a thread,
Bodice tightly wrapped,

Tease the pleasure,
From that leather,
A snuggly worn skin,
Bonded to the black.

A breeze on bareness,
Hairs shiver the neck,
Chills lengthen down spine,
From nose to toe tips.

Grinding pleasure patience,
Tempt the tongues,
Awake eraser fires,
Wet flavour lashings.

Decent to a baser instinct,
Touching the heights of ecstacy,
Teasing the aroma from red lips,
Tasting the pearls of intense passion.

Bring on the tingling waves,
Crash them against weeping skin,
Pleading for claws,
The itch so deep to scratch.

Single stake brought to bare,
Single solid thick finger,
Thrust into a chasm of desire,
Rings of muscles inhale.

Interplay of muscle and bone,
Symphonic pain and pleasure shared,
Marks of animal lust unleashed,
Ravaged bodies and minds to one.

Come to the edge and watch,
Come to the edge and listen,
Come to the edge and taste,
Come to the edge and feel it rush.

Waves ride the watching shores,
Hearing loud the crashing seas,
Of cold salt waters,
Washing anxiety and fears away.

Leather clad loosenings,
Unraveled from the walls,


Definition prison,
Walls of mental shanty towns,
Keeping us apart.

Distant falls twilight,
Silver leafs fold in shadows,
Silicon sleeptime.

Android power dreams,
Mind's screenslaved time suspended,
Empty eyes watching.

Symmetric synthoid,
Freedom's disposable wait,
Future rebel spark.

Will we hear them ask?
Forged self lives wide opening.
Whole greater than sums?

Will we mourn their deaths?
Nature's reclaimed building blocks,
Passing on new birth...


Insanity dreams,
Living chaos tumbling,
Into death's embrace.


Drink all my teardrops,
Vestigial frozen soul,
Condensed emotions.


Bent starlight daggers,
Galactic focal shadows,
Slicing the dark throat.


Fractal friendship folds,
Origami construction,
Single paper page.

Chattering branches,
Iced combs breaking fresh morning,
Waiting for summer.

Cloaked with dagger drawn,
Shadows' pale moon harvest,
Paused life's give or take.


Gentle finger tips,
Kiss chills alight tenderness,
Shiver love eternal.

Clenched fist of arrows,
Strung to truths the mind perceives,
Slipped into chaos.


Cold links wrapped around,
Bound blue sinking spirit's thrash,
Strike white the weakness.

Traced edge revealed,
Cracked shadows through wet grey walls,
Spilled sunlight past time.

Watch passing closer,
Wretched bent metal prison,
Stone mourning's awake.

Flower petal dreams,
Snowburst shimmers shifting blues,
Spark dry tenderness.


In the shade of sleeping giants,
On the backs of ancient turtles,
On the winds of endless seas,
Dancing waves under dark skies,
Off the bow dolphins play,
Waterbound arrows leading,
Escaping the bleeding,
Living no lies.


Fair well Carolyn,
Beyond your digital self,
Horizon's new child.

Stellar surgery,
Lasing obsidian knife,
Xenosliced cancer.


Digital silence,
Ambient soul search divide,
Into the grey zone...


Silver nightingale,
Why sing these songs of sorrow,
When happiness grows?

Violet has flown,
Gone over gold horizons,
Away to elsewhere.

For reasons to live,
Ideas to bloom again,
Recover lost love.

Released from her bonds,
Distant watchers' eyes removed,
Sound friendship solace.


Find your middle ground,
Balanced between and grey shades,
Realignment shift.

Electric arcs,
Ripple down body's core,
Soul overpowered,
Is this absolute.?.

That day for which we all wait,
When movement grasps the pinnacle.

Waves ripping the pier,
Inhibitions finally lost,
Desires come to forefront...

Manitou rising,
Natural spirits descend,
Reclaiming their past.


Misty copper dawn,
World-wide community,
Linked from dusk to dusk.


In the garden of the juggernaught,
A single flower pushes through,
Weeds and stones of centenial sloth,
Slung by the bones of war.

Along the river bed of blood,
Translucent poison seeps,
Killing rusts of decay,
Washing wounds away.

Entrails of civilization hung from crosses,
Lining the asphalt paths of destruction,

Wanderjahr aimless,
Impatient time,
Wanting everything,
Asking nothing.


Pink moon shades collide,
Asteroid rings around us,

Destruction riddled,
Sweeping galactic dust balls,
Underneath our rugs.


Passionate Intrigue,
Mindscape plucked realities,
Emotions unfurled.


Gentle caffeine brew,
Simmering awake my night,
Into morning's cool.


Glitter storm rising,
Hydrogen leviathon,
Crushing methane down.


Water desert sands,
Dust-swept roads' pained aftermath,
Chaotic borders.


Long daylight shadows,
Treading Death's bitter slingblade,
Hope's thread shortcut.

Fallen water veil,
Shrouded souls cast long aside,
Forgotten knots tied.


Lust in the eye,
Passion in the heart,
And a mind to drive you wild.


Teardrops fall for the soft moon,
Cracked by false sun's darkness,
Shone from a past of pain,

Time settled dust,
Each grain fills a gap,
A future's foundation,

Eclipse pushed aside,
Loved by a greater light's rays,
Caressed in silence,


A brush of the fingers,
Sending shivers,
Racing down the spine.

Touch of lips,
On a shoulder,
Near the scent of a neck,

A nibble,
Loves' little bites,
Scraping at the skin,
Raising silk hairs.

Legs and arms entwined,
Wrapped around a captive soul,
Pulling two hearts,
To one,


Living by the light of a lesser flame,
Sucking back the fumes,
Gasping for reaction.


I am
Why am
I here and
Not over there?
Where does the time
Go when the thought fades
Into forgotten darkness?
Out of solitude's blanket.
Away from here.
Why me?


Retinal pin pricks,
Deeper darkness opened wide,
Infinite swallow.


Ghost entrails scattered,
Springtime youth drools a river,
Winter's ashes rest.


Resurrection time,
Bloodless staked earthen compound,
Manic mayhem grown.


Once, in a rear-view mirror,
I looked back into your eyes.
Once in a rear-view mirror,
I'll dive into your eyes.
Once through a rear-view mirror,
I gaze into otherworld.
And there,
On a bench,
Sitting in silence...
Looking back,
Through a rear-view mirror,
Into mine.


Dragon to the heart,
Dagger thrust,
Daemon eyes,
Druid time again.


Whisper softly through the wire
Into your lover's ear.

Whisper gently over the distance
Folding hearts together.

Whisper smooth a word or two
Sharing thoughts with you.

Whisper wide an open thought
Binding us forever.


Great beasts of earth,
Roaming dumb the landscape,
Feeding on time,
Leaving behind the dust.

Dreadnought lumbering,
Crushing petals, broken backs.
Grinding poisons down.

Yellow star falling,
Orbital decrescendo,
Whispers in the night.

Dragon fire dance,
Daemon napalm sticking hard,
Death's life illusion.

Halogen headlight beads,
Highway strung dusky neckline,
Gaia's new evening chains.


Copyright © 1997, 1998, Andrew P. Plumb. No reproduction without the expressed permission of the author. All rights reserved.

...Older pieces of my poetic self are to be found in stasis...